Meals of Pilots, They’re Different from the Passengers

“The entire life of everybody on board is determined by only 1 thing: finding someone back who can’t just fly this plane, but that did not have fish for supper.”

Certainly airlines do not take security cues from Hollywood films, but should Airplane! Taught us anything, it is the flight crew shouldn’t ever, under any conditions, be served the exact same meal. The in-flight drama which unfolded within this 1980 hit humor might have been averted – entirely – if a few of those pilots’d steered clear of this fish and picked the beef.

All of that obtained Telegraph Travel thinking. Is the danger of food poisoning credible sufficient for drivers to provide pilots another menu to another? And can they, along with the cabin crew, consume exactly the identical food?

Reassuringly, it appears significant carriers do require gastroenteritis rather badly.

“The captain is responsible for ensuring, where possible, the functioning pilots consume distinct in-flight foods,” stated a Atlantic spokesperson. “If the two pilots ask exactly the exact same dinner, the cabin team should bring this to the attention of the priest that will approve or refuse the petition.”

If there’s a particularly eye brow curry in the menu, and pilot may confront the choice, they might still eat exactly the identical meal. However, there’s a security net. “Pilots in the controllers must have their meals at various times,” explained Virgin. Making sense for two different reasons. In the improbable event that their tasty jalfrezi is polluted, the flight team will not fall sick at exactly the exact same moment. And, needless to say, it’s much safer to run a passenger airplane when at least a pilot is prepared for action (rather than dunking a poppadom to the cherry chutney).

While aviation figures don’t impose official rules, many airlines do similarly.

An Aeroflot spokesperson supported its coverage: “Foods for captains vary from the ones to the remainder of the team, according to sanitary regulations that really is a precaution against potential accidental food poisoning”

British Airways included: “The pilots don’t consume unique meals”

Dictate this industry-wide clinic? Certainly not. In reality, a small number of episodes that pre-date the movie (and that may well have prompted it) motivated airlines to embrace the security steps.


By pure luck, the pilots didn’t eat the lousy pork (they insisted beef, since their body clocks weren’t in breakfast manner) and could land the airplane safely. The narrative has a dim coda. Though nobody died from the epidemic, the cook regarded as accountable committed suicide soon afterwards.

It highlighted an event aboard a 747 which saw the captain demand oxygen and yet another that led to a emergency landing from Malaga.

Failing this, they could generally get something out of the top menu so do not bother fretting to them regarding your unsatisfactory market course stew.

Aeroflot explained: “Foods for your team relies on individual tastes and occupation requirements — that the foods aren’t exactly the same as the ones provided to passengers, even though the variety of the spicy dishes would be exactly the exact same for team and business-class passengers”

These foods include breads, saladsand also a choice of hot foods (breakfast, dinner or lunch, with meat and veggie options) and snacks such as fruit, nuts, crisps and chocolate”