Halal Catering Malaysia-Everything You Want to Know About Halal Catering Malaysia

Halal Catering Malaysia (HCM) is a brand new business venture for Muslim expatriates. This is located in Penang, Malaysia’s capital. It aims to give a flavor of Malaysia’s culture and tradition to foreigners by serving the same quality as any other Malay Muslim to halal food that is authentic.

Mr Moharib, that came to Malaysia from Sudan with his household in the mid-70s, chose to start his own catering company in Penang. With the support of his wife and his brother, they started functioning traditional Malaysian food, catering mainly to non-Muslims.

To share Malaysia’s flavor

In the early days, Mr. Moharib was able to cook a whole lot of dishes which were quite similar to what he used to eat back home in Sudan. He wished to share Malaysia’s flavor.

He opened up the business in Penang at hawker centers. Folks, mostly Chinese, would queue for hours to get a plate of the locally created halal food. He decided to start up a Halal Catering Malaysia franchisee pub.

Mr. Moharib was a businessman who took a great deal of pride. But his ambitions didn’t stop here. He wanted to take the idea so he opened up the Halal Catering Malaysia chain of restaurants in Penang, Penang Central and Penang East.

The food is cooked with a degree of care

Mr. Moharib shared his own business experience with the regional companies and businessmen in Penang. After a long time of persuasive, they eventually agreed to open up a restaurant for their clients.

The franchisee is operating the business of its kind in Malaysia. The franchisee is given the freedom to design its menu and can also determine the staff. The owner’s parents are granted some management to run the organization and run it according to their style.

Because the creator Mr. Moharib puts emphasis on serving only food that is halal, one of many reasons why the owners are delighted with the franchise is. The food is cooked with a degree of care and it is delicious and refreshing. Mr. Moharib also considers that his choice of food is done in the best way possible, and the food is consistent every time.