Airlines that literally have never actually had a typical single crash

While any airplane crash in today’s age might feel as a freak crash, there is no escaping the fact that a few drivers are safer than many others.

That much is created by apparent by the occurrence of an EU “blacklist” of carriers prohibited from flying over European airspace (do not worry, not one you understand), but a broader look at the episode logs of a number of the world’s oldest airlines shows a few are so secure they have not – or nearly never – experienced a deadly crash.

Taking into consideration the jet age, starting around the Fifties and Sixties, disregarding the times when commercial aviation was dangerous novelty in airplane, there’s more than just a couple of carriers in order to haven’t dropped a lifetime on one their airplanes.

Here we rounded up a number of those known airlines using a clean safety record. Scroll down to get a complete list carriers to not have experienced a fatal injury.

Flying because 1921

The next oldest airline in the world, Qantas was mentioned in 1988 movie Rain Man as a airline to get never had a aircraft accident. “Qantas. And if this fits the bill so far as the Australian airline exceptional reputation for security is concerned, it isn’t strictly correct. The airline has experienced eight deadly accidents, before 1951, also with four occurring throughout the Second World War while Qantas was working planes on behalf of the Allies. Really, 1 aircraft has been shot down.

The pilot and of six passengers were murdered.

Qantas hasn’t only had a fatal injury, and just a few episodes of notice.

Flying because 1929

Hawaiian was flying planes since 1929 and never had a deadly accident, which makes it, even when our stats stand out, the maximum working company to have not lost a passenger. It might have endured two bankruptcies (1993 and 2003) however, it’s not compromised on security.

Flying because 1971

Almost 50 years with no deadly accident is really impressive heading to the world’s biggest low-cost airline, also yet one which set the blueprint for additional funding carriers, such as Ryanair.

Southwest, which serves approximately 100 destinations with a fleet of over 700 aircraft, hasn’t experienced a fatal accident.

Flying because 1995

EasyJet hasn’t had an crash. In reality, its history is indeed incident-free, it seems difficult to locate any critical problem on a few of its flights.

Flying because 1985

In 33 decades of flying, the nearest that the company came into a significant injury was in 2008 once a aircraft has been forced to make an emergency landing in Rome after undergoing multiple bird strikes on the nose, wings and engines. It’s thought the aircraft struck some 90 starlings. On landing on the left hand landing wheel dropped and the airplane made contact with the runway.

Flying because 1984/2000/2007

Virgin-branded airlines possess a remarkable safety record, together with years of accident-free traveling between three carriers throughout several continents. The two Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia ranking at the top 20 safest drivers in the world based on site

Flying because 1974

British Airways has just had one fatal accident whilst working in its present form – that the mid-air crash of its Trident 3B together with all the aircraft of a Slovenian airline in the heavens over the Croatian town of Zagreb.

Since 1985, BA hasn’t experienced a fatal injury, the nearest phone coming from 2008, when First Office John Coward left his place at the aviation Fame for landing a plane with no power. Read the entire story here.

BA rankings among the world’s best 20 safest airlines based on AirlineRatings.

British European Airways, based in 1946 but united together with British Overseas Airways Corporation from 1974 to make British Airways, suffered a range of deadly accidents.